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Techtextil Trade Fair - 2017

About The Trade Fair

Techtextil 2017, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, will take place from 9-12 May in Frankfurt, Germany.

The last edition of the exhibition that concluded in Frankfurt in May 2015, attracted 1,389 exhibitors from 52 countries and around 28,500 trade visitors from 102 nations, showing a 4.4% increase in exhibitors and a growth of 3.9% in visitors, compared to the previous year.

Over 5,500 trade visitors to Techtextil came from the concurrent Texprocess. Together, the two fairs welcomed 1,662 exhibitors from 54 countries and almost 42,000 trade visitors from 116 nations. Techtextil was also extended by a day for the first time. Many exhibitors are in favour of a fourth day, according to the organisers. Thus, Techtextil 2017 will also last four days.

The focus of Techtextil 2015 was on new applications, technologies and materials. The exhibitors presented a broad spectrum of products including textile-integrated LEDs, electrodes and sensor systems, three- 1 FKM-certified dimensional interlaced structures and woven fabrics, as well as new coating systems for multi-functional finishes.

About Our Blue Butterfly

Toray Butterfly The Butterfly Effect is one of the ideas in chaos theory that suggests that a flap of a butterfly's wings in one part of the world can set off a tornado in another. This idea proposes that one small change can instigate various phenomena that ultimately results in a larger transformation. Materials are the foundation of all products. And we at Toray believe that the evolution of materials is what will help change the future in a bigger, better way. Just like the butterfly effect.